Clear Reflective Fire Glass Diamonds

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  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Blue Ridge Brandâ„¢ offers professional grade fire pit glass, for both residential and commercial use.Â
  • GAS FIRE PITS AND FIRE PLACES - Blue Ridge Brandâ„¢ offers beautiful solutions for gas fire pits and gas fire places including glass diamonds, fire glass beads, fire glass cubes, reflective fire glass, non-reflective fire glass, lava rocks / fire pit rocks, and more.
  • LANDSCAPING AND GARDEN DECOR - Blue Ridge Brandâ„¢ fire glass is also a good alternative to mulch or wood chips. Create a colorful walkway or accentuate your new plant by lining the planter with fire glass. Our fire glass adds a splash of color to your landscaping and gardens at an affordable price!Â
  • HOME DECOR - Use Blue Ridge Brandâ„¢ fire glass for vase fillers, centerpieces, and more! These fire glass diamonds are perfect for adding some texture and color to your home decor! Toss the fire glass in a jar paired with a candle for your next party centerpiece or simple arrange them around different tables for an effortless feel.Â
  • NO SHARP EDGES - Every piece of fire pit glass has smooth edges, making it perfect for fire pits, vase fillers, and garden landscapes.
  • ECO FRIENDLY AND LONG LASTING - Fire glass and fire pit rocks are an economical and reusable choice for fire pits. Unlike firewood, fire pit glass does not create smoke. Glass will not melt, discolor, give off fumes, or break down while in use in your fire pit.
  • FIRE GLASS DIAMONDS - Reflective fire glass diamonds have a diameter of 1" (25.4 mm) and are approx. .75" (19.05 mm) long. Create a dazzling fire and ice display using clear diamonds, or bring your fire pit to life with colorful Blue Ridge Brandâ„¢ Reflective Fire Glass Diamonds.